Item Mod Tools Update (Corruptions)June 14, 2018
The item mod tool has been updated, though it currently does not have any way to add special mods (such as Master signature mods or Incursion mods) nor a way to have double corruptions.
Various parts of the site will also begin being phased out, such as Bestiary tools, the Elder Ring tool, and the old item mod tool page. A larger update to clean everything up should happen before the end of the month.
Flashback Race TrackerMay 4, 2018
The zone tracker is up and running for the Flaskback race.
Bestiary UpdateMarch 5, 2018
Bestiary Recipe page has been updated to support Filtering. This page will likely be moved in the future once the full bestiary feature is complete.
Atlas Updates: Intermediate Elder RingsApril 14, 2018
The atlas's Elder Ring Finder tool has been updated to now attempt to find some intermediate Elder Rings before reaching the final Elder Ring.
Atlas Updates: Elder Ring Tutorial and FAQsApril 12, 2018
The atlas has been updated in a few ways.
  • Searched maps now appear highlighted on the atlas.
  • A help section has been added to the Elder Ring toolbar (click on the question mark icon)
  • Some minor UI changes have been made for clarity (clearing the Elder configuration has a "Reset" button instead of a Scouring Orb, some Elder labels renamed)
Atlas Updated: Elder Ring GeneratorApril 3, 2018
The atlas has been updated allows users to find Elder Rings on their atlas if possible, given their specific Elder Spawn configuration. Due to the removal of sextant blocking from the game, sextant blocking as also been removed. Note that the feature is still in alpha and may contain bugs, and the feature is intended for use by advanced players. There is also now the ability to easily toggle completion on all maps or remove all completion.
Bestiary Rare Chart + Other Bestiary UpdatesMarch 26, 2018
A new Bestiary Rare Crafting Chart has been added to the site. This allows you to quickly understand how to capture beasts if you want to craft a specific rare base with a certain mod. Also, the Bestiary Recipe page now has a small icon mode. You can also search for recipe components on trade sites by right clicking on a component. Finally, the Bestiary Checklist now allows you to filter out unnecessary beasts for the challenge (and which may not exist altogether).